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Cherrybee wired turban headbands

Cotton - Scrunched

I love wearing hair accessories and Cherry Bee wired bandanas are so easy to use, versatile and colourful that I wear them very often. 

So when the owner and maker asked me to try out her newest product that can be tied like a turban I was very excited! I had previously tied two regular Cherrybee bandanas together to make it look like a turban and this would make it even easier.

Letty sent me a few different colours and fabrics to try out. There’s colourful cotton fabric, velvet, faux-suede and faux-leather. Wired bandanas are two layers of fabric sewn together over a flexible wire that you can bend any way you like. The turban bandanas are effectively very long bandanas, leaving you lots of fabric left to mould into shape after tying them around your head. I’m a big fan!

Here’s some of my favourite ways to style them with a little explanation of how I achieve those styles.

  • Double roses – Tie around your head and twist once. Then roll the bunny ears you’re left with towards your head one by one. Adjust how you like.
  • Big fat bow – Tie around your head and twist once. Fold the ends of the bunny ears you’re left with. Twist both folded ends once more and lay flat or make them stand up more.
  • Scrunched – Tie around your head and twist twice. Fold each bunny ear in a zig zag and tuck the very ends under your bandana for security.
  • Twisted round – Tie around your head and twist twice. Now fold one bunny ear around the twist. Then fold the other. Adjust how you like. Loose makes a bigger knot, tight a smaller knot.
If you’d like to try one or any other style Cherrybee bandana, Letty gave me a discount code: 10% off your order with code PATRIES
Take a look at the Cherrybee.nl website (Dutch)

Please note: While these Turban Headbands were gifted to me this is an honest review that I have written of my own accord.

Faux leather twisted round
Faux suede Big fat Bow
Velvet - Double roses