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Review: Glamorous Corset

1950s Ad for Merry Widow Corsets

I would like to preface this review with reminding you that you don’t need or have to wear any kind of shapewear but that it can be a fun addition to your wardrobe if you choose to use it. I personally don’t wear it on a daily basis but like to wear it with certain outfits or during photo shoots to give outfits something extra. It is very pleasing to suddenly have a very defined waistline that enhances a vintage silhouette but stretchy repro feels equally good too!

This is a review of a corset kindly gifted to me by Glamorous Corset. A women-owned small business from the US. For this review I’ve had great advice on how to wear and take care of corsets. The main reason I’ve agreed to the review is because there is a lot of misinformation and not very much representation for my body type. At least not any that I could easily find!

There’s plenty of scary stories about how unhealthy and dangerous corsets are, but ultimately a corset is an undergarment. When used correctly it is very comfortable to wear in the same way a well fitting bra is comfortable to wear!

Which brings me to my first point in the review: fitting and advice. The Glamorous corset website had excellent fitting advice and you can ask for personal advice as well. After discussing what I was expecting from the fit and effect of my corset, as well as looking at my measurements, I was recommended an underbust corset style. This was a super helpful way of determining the right fit!

The corset came with a booklet with information on how to properly wear and care for your corset. And most importantly how to break it in!

Corset before breaking it in
Day 1 of breaking in the corset
Day 4 of breaking in the corset

While the type and sizing of your corset is important for maximum comfort and effect, breaking a corset in properly is equally important. You’re slowly adjusting the corset to the shape of your body and getting used to wearing a corset at the same time. It also means your corset will last longer. 

You can really see the difference even after a few days, especially when you pay attention to the modesty panel underneath the laces. And the more flexible areas of the corset underneath the bust and around the hips/tummy area. (Where I’ve put my hands to illustrate) These areas are also what make this particular corset so comfortable and suited for my shape!

It takes about 7 – 10 days of wearing to break in a corset. I just wore it for about an hour at a time while I tidied the house or worked on my laptop and I tightened it slightly every one to two days. And the result was worth the effort! Around day 7 or 8 the modesty panel underneath the lacing reached the other side of the corset without it feeling tight or uncomfortable.

I could lace it even tighter but that was never my personal goal. I just want a smoother shape that accentuates my waist to compliment my vintage dresses. So after those 8 days I started to try on outfits with the corset on. My body shape is broader on top and with relatively narrow hips so the tightening around the waist, along with the panels accentuating the hips, just transform the whole look. Which was very fun!

Day 1 breaking in of corset
Day 4 breaking in of corset
Without and with corset underneath

Things I’ve learned while reviewing this corset and company:

  • There are huge differences in quality and comfort.
  • The type of corset you wear should suit your body type for maximum effect.
  • When you take your corset off, loosen it in stages.
  • You can hide your laces underneath your corset around your waist.
  • There’s different ways to lace your corset.
  • Corsets are more fun to try with different outfits when you can move comfortably in them. (seems obvious but I’ve never worn a corset that allowed me to move the same as without)

Because my hips are relatively narrow compared to my stomach the hourglass effect doesn’t really reach maximum effect in a form fitting dress, not like it would with an A-line or Circle skirt/dress.

Without and with corset underneath

But I’m wearing a form fitting dress in a fabric that shows all lumps and bumps on purpose. That way you can compare how the corset changes my shape as well as see how many of those lumps and bumps are caused by the corset closures etc.

I’ve had a very positive experience with Glamorous Corset and would recommend you check them out if you are interested in trying out corsets. If you decide to purchase try this link and use the code PATRIES15 for 15% off your order.

Full disclosure: While this corset was a gift I was asked to write an honest review from my perspective as a vintage dressing corset novice! Frankly I did not expect to be this positive about what I’ve previously only experienced as a restrictive and uncomfortable garment!