Hollandsch Meisje

Glitz-o-Matic 1950's inspired jewellery

This small business from Belgium makes original earrings, brooches and necklaces inspired by the 1950’s. While the designs and materials used are very diverse, the finish is always very high quality and durable.

I’m lucky to have a large collection of colourful Glitz-o-Matic earrings, some of which are pictured here, which means I can match a pair to any outfit and mood I can think of.

Owner Sarah comes up with unique collections with diverse 1950’s inspired themes as well as seasonal designs. Atomic designs, floral designs, Tiki classics and bad girl hoops. Little translucent happy ghosts for Halloween, decorated Christmas trees and a whole range based on Breeze Blocks. Yes, the home design staple from 1950’s architecture

Pictured below is one of the Tiki inspired designs from my latest order. I love how it matched my manicure and dress. I talk about accessories a lot, but they can really change a look so much and make re-wearing outfits so much easier! I often match my outfit to the accent colours, but here I’ve matched with the main colour green for a softer look. When paired with a yellow dress it would make the earrings pop more.

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For transparency: I have bought most of my collection myself, but was gifted some items in the past. I was not asked to write a review and all views are my own, honest opinions.