Hollandsch Meisje

Photo: Frans de Winter

Life, the universe and everything

Oversharing on the internet type blogpost, so be warned! 

It is a strange thing to be perceived by so many people on a daily basis but also a beautiful thing considering the wonderful people it sends my way. People from all over the world I might add. (There’s some not so pleasant aspects too, but I like to focus on the positive!) Social media being what it is, in order to stay visible you have to post on a regular basis. And people actually are concerned when you don’t post for a while. So I decided to write this little blog about my upcoming forced hiatus.

I think if you’ve been following my online antics you are at least somewhat aware of my chronic illness. Lucky me has a rare disease that basically means: anything that can get inflamed, will get inflamed. And this time it requires surgery to get better and quite a long recovery too. So no dressing up (ugh!) or filming of any kind for at least a month. Personally I am focused on the end result after and being able to function without a handful of meds everyday and looking forward to finally getting this chronic pain situation over with. 

I’ve kept it relatively vague on purpose here as I am not looking for advice or opinions. But if you want to send me some positive vibes, especially on may 4th when this is happening, I won’t stop you! I’ll try to keep you posted if and when I feel like it after. Thanks for reading!