Hollandsch Meisje

Backstage photos by Eva Schweizer - vintagefotografie.com

Miss Pinup Benelux – This celebration of our little community of talented women was postponed several times because of the global pandemic. We had qualified for our spots in the 2020 pageant at the end of 2019 or early 2020 and not been able to get together (properly) since. One last emergency government press conference made things very uncertain until the very end. We were ready and safe to party together!

Whenever pageants of any kind are portrayed in media, somehow there’s always back stabbing and other drama. Not us, no really, we were excited to get together and just have fun. We did each others hair, there was an eyelash glueing marathon. Sewing kits were utilised and hairspray and glitter spray left us all shiny all over. There were hugs and cheers and praises and laughs.

How to pageant

Our day started with a briefing and welcoming by Vivian, our producer, host and the instigator behind Miss Pinup Benelux, you may know her as The Dutch Pinup. Rian, the stage manager and only person who actually knew what was going on at all times, took us through rehearsals and gave advice where needed. Backstage there was hair, make up, nerves and pep talks. We took pictures, lovely photographers took our pictures, we waited while joking around. We had a lovely dinner, even if most of us had small plates because of uneasy stomachs, and it was almost time to let our audience in.

We greeted our family and friends and had a little dance. Backstage we had a toast for good luck and some liquid courage. And we were on!

Wow, our audience was so positive and responsive and loud it was amazing! I was pretty much spent before it was my turn, because stupid chronic illness, and did not really do a great job in my interview cutting poor Viv short. But I gave my last spoons doing my silly bit and enjoyed it immensely. After we each did our thing and got dressed for the crowning, we lined up for the stage feeling more relaxed but excited.

Crowning and party time

I made 2nd runner up! I wasn’t expecting anything really, so this was a really nice surprise! Lovely Claudia who blew us away with her singing was crowned 1st runner up and finally super charming Chantal was crowned Miss Pinup Benelux 2021. Standing next to her and seeing her reaction up close was magical! Next up was a blur of congratulations and excitement, pictures and praises. I was so overwhelmed and feeling extremely appreciated! After that the amazing band 44Shakedown played another set and I was more than ready to collapse. It is now three days later and I’m still glowing even though everything hurts. Well worth it! 

Photo by Frans de Winter
Chantal, Biba, Claudia, Me, Jagaira, Marijke, Kayleigh, Brooklyn, Esther, Sandra Photo by Frans de Winter