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Online (hair) inspiration

Photo Beeldbalie

A lot of the conversations I have with people are about vintage style andĀ  hair. And the question I get asked most is where I get my inspiration from. Since there isn’t a clear or short answer to that question I thought I’d write a blogpost about it.

The internet and Social media Excellent places to find pictures are freely available online. Pinterest has a huge database of vintage (hair) collection boards from users focussing on all kinds of different era’s. (These are my boards)

Instagram is harder to navigate but there are several hashtags and accounts that are very inspiring and diverse! True vintage, modern pin up, any type of era, etc. My favourites are #vintagehair #everydayvintagestyle #1940shair #vintagehairstyle #truevintageootd Another good way to find things or people you’d like is to see which hashtags your favourite accounts use and search those for more similar content.

Facebook lets you search hashtags as well, but it’s the groups that usually have the most to offer. There is a group for any specific vintage element and a lot of people posting within it.

Magazines There are a few modern magazines that focus on vintage style. (Like The Vintage Woman Magazine) But I particularly like the old ones you find in flea markets. If you’re lucky you’ll find instructions on how to achieve certain styles but the pictures in the articles are always worth a closer look for some true vintage inspiration.

Trial and error I practice a lot. I failed a lot too. But the time after that fail It got better and five times after that I succeeded. I keep trying new things and new ways to get there. It will take time like mastering any type of skill will take time.

And finally a little list of some more ways to find inspiration for hairdo’s!

Flea Markets and thrift stores for anything with pictures on them. Album covers, photo books, postcards, photo albums.

Hair challenges I especially like the ones Alice Negri hosts and draws!

Follow hairdressers on instagramĀ Some of my favourites are listed below. But there are many more, each with their own style.

Youtube tutorials Learn techniques you can use in vintage hairstyling and make it your own.

These ladies are good place to start but there are many more!