Hollandsch Meisje

Hoi! My name is Patries, but you might know me as Hollandsch Meisje.

My username is Dutch and means ‘girl from Holland’ but with a particular spelling. Why is this spelling significant? Dutch spelling rules underwent a big change in 1934 in an effort to simplify and modernise spelling. Before 1934 I would be a Hollandsch Meischje and after a Hollands Meisje. For my username I chose to keep the -sch in Hollandsch to signify my love for history and historic fashion but the modern -s spelling as I am a modern Meisje! Vintage style but a modern mind.

Vintage style and then some

Aside from history and historic fashion I enjoy expressing myself through my looks and tend not to stick to just one style. My favourite thing is playing with my hair and trying to recreate the styles from the past as accurately as I can. My favourite era in terms of style is the 1940’s but I like to try other eras as well. Online I share my looks and make silly video’s showing you how I’ve put them together and how I do my hair. I try to share as much of what I’ve learned over the years.

What even is a niche?

Some other things I care about are intersectional feminism and a broad representation of all the beautiful people we have in this world. Being plus size and chronically ill/disabled I will occasionally address these subjects in more detail, but mostly I just try to be present and visible for those like me that lack representation. My main goal for both this website and my social media is to entertain myself and focus on the positive wherever I can. I tend not to take myself too seriously in the process.

Collaborations & Where to shop

I occasionally do collaborations but I am very picky in who I work with. If you are interested in a collaboration with me you can send me an email here. I try to always mention and tag where I have found the clothing I am wearing in my posts so, even if it is an older collection or true vintage item, you can easily find where I like to shop. Some brands give my followers a nice little discount, you can find those here. I’ve reviewed some favourites on my blog as well.

I think that’s about it for this little introduction, doei!