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Fashion and the modern day interpretations of dressing vintage

Fortunately I mainly get nice responses to the way I look but I have seen many, too many, comments on peoples post about historical accuracy and/or true vintage aesthetic. Looking historically accurate, outside of re-enactment and period pieces in media advertised as such, is a personal choice and not a requirement when dressing vintage. Isn’t it great that we have so many options?  

Yes, I too am frustrated with the word ‘Vintage’ being used to describe everything and making it impossible to search for old/true/not fast fashion items online. Yes, I feel ancient now that things I wore in my teens are considered vintage. However, I get far more frustrated with people commenting on mixing era’s, reproduction being somehow less or bad, modern novelty prints and looks not being accurate or complete. Honestly, maybe worry about yourself or actual problems. (Imagine a big sarcasm fuelled eyeroll here) Thanks for your input private profile however it frankly just indicates you are an unpleasant person.

Uncredited photo from Pinterest

I don’t have or want tattoos but people had tattoos back then too. I also don’t dye my hair but people had dyed hair back then, yes, also in bright ‘unnatural’ colours. My preferences for my look are not the standard for anyone else’s outfit.

Fat people existed, transgender people existed, bright colours were worn even if the photos are black and white. And, even if any of that mattered when people dress themselves today, there are no rules in fashion and self expression through fashion.

Uncredited photo from Pinterest
Uncredited photo from Pinterest

So what is dressing Vintage? 

I don’t know. For me I would refer to my style as Modern Vintage where it is important to be able to wear things often, limit buying new things and not being limited to one era or aesthetic. In short: dressing for my personal enjoyment. I have some completely true vintage and accurate looks that I love and loved putting together but I can’t imagine wearing things like that every day. If only because I can’t even keep up with mending them with limited wearing. 

This whole blog might be just my way of saying don’t put so much pressure on yourself. And definitely don’t compare yourself to others. Also accept compliments. Finally, again, isn’t it great that we have so many options?!